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Monroe Rapid Edge

is not just another “scissor guy" type of sharpening service. At Monroe Rapid Edge, I use the Rapid Edge System (R.E.S.). At the time of my purchase, there were only 207 of these machines world-wide. This machine is so radically different that is has earned a U.S. Patent. You can read about this machine by clicking here.

Monroe Rapid Edge has proudly earned the right to display the Rapid Edge Logo due to the purchase of the machine and the intense training that I have received.

When you choose Monroe Rapid Edge, you will receive a complete diagnoses of your shear, thinner or chunker. I will inspect, set and repair your shear if needed. This includes replacing worn-out silencers and washers.

It amazes me to see what stylists are getting for their money with the "other scissor guy". Your tools are very expensive and should be handled by a professional. Nine times out of ten, I end up fixing the edge the "other Guy" has sharpened incorrectly.

Take a look at your stopper. Does it appear to be ground down? If it is, then more than likely your shears are duck billed.  This is a common mistake that the average sharpener makes. Too much metal has been removed from your tips.  To cover up his or her mistake, he or she will grind down your stopper so your tips will close completely.

When you receive a Monroe Rapid Edge on your shear, you will no longer have to chase the hair or bend it. One snip and you will have one complete cut! Think of this. If you are not getting a straight, clean cut each time you pull the trigger on your shears and have to return to that same position, you are losing production time and revenue. You are essentially giving away free hair cuts by the end of the day.

Properly sharpened to specification shears are also ergonomically better for preventing wrist injuries. With a Monroe Rapid Edge, you will be able to tip and slide cut just like when your scissors were new! A typical response when I am finished with a shear is "Oh WOW!" or "It's Like cutting through butter."

Monroe Rapid Edge is my sole business. This is not something that I do on the side for a little extra cash. This is my career, and I take it very seriously. I have invested many thousands of dollars in our machinery and training. I also offer a line of professional grade shears at a very affordable price. I can honestly say that if it isn't a Monroe Rapid Edge, "It Isn’t Sharp!" Please use caution when using your shears after they have received a Monroe Rapid Edge.




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