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Frequently Asked Questions
Monroe Rapid Edge
How often should I have my shears sharpened?
The number of haircuts you can expect from each sharpening varies. The major factors are: the quality of steel in your scissors blade, the care you take of your scissors, the amount of dry hair, dirty hair, chemically treated hair and course hair you cut. Each of the foregoing will reduce the number of cuts you can expect. Our recommendation is to have your shears sharpened every 12 weeks. That way you are always cutting with sharp tools.
What do I get with a Monroe Rapid Edge on my shears?
A complete analysis of the scissor
Re-sharpening of the blade edges to factory sharpness (in most cases better, depending on the quality of the shear)
Replacement of set washers and rubber silencers, if needed
Cleaning, lubricating and inspection of all moving parts
Tension adjustment to specification
100% customer satisfaction before I leave the salon
How do I know when my shears need sharpening?
If you are not getting a straight, clean cut each time you pull the trigger on your shears and have to return to that same position again, (bending the hair, chasing the hair) you are losing production time and revenue. You are essentially giving away free hair cuts by the end of the day. Properly sharpened to specification shears are also ergonomically better for preventing wrist injuries. With a Monroe Rapid Edge, you will be able to tip and slide cut just like when your scissors were new! A typical response when I am finished with a shear is "Oh WOW!" or "It's Like cutting through butter.”
Do You offer any incentives to Beauty Schools and Students?
Yes! If you are a current student, you will receive a 20% discount on all sharpening and new shears purchase!
How do I care for my Shears?
Never lay your shears on the towel that you have your combs on. The Barbercide causes a chemical reaction on the steel of your shears and could cause them to rust. Also, prevent nicking your comb when doing a hair cut. This could cause a very small chip on your cutting edge. You should oil and work your shears back and forth to release the hair that is stuck in your scissors and then wipe them every night before putting them away.


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